Who we are

Prestige is a relatively young company that has been formed with old roots, dating back to the late 70's. Our leaders all come from industries that we now Service. We pride ourselves on excellence. We have built most of our business off of referrals alone. With years of experience we know what works. We are have avery knowledgeable and diversified sales team. We are able to speak Spanish and Arabic.

Who we are
Ray Goettner
Adam Darwish

Where we specialize

We offer vast lines of retail display, prep and cooking equipment. New, refurbished and used. We are here to save your money by lowering your costs. Weather it's a freezer that you need to pass inspection, to full store renovations to new store fit outs, we understand your needs.

We understand

Every sawy business owner has a budget when taking on a project. We know where to allocate your money what parts of your project to be highlighted and where a short cuts can be taken. Assuring you that your start up funds have been maximized.

We deliver!

We know that time is of the essence. Whether it's getting a single piece of equipment to you because yours has broken down. To remodeling your current store, maybe by working at night or starting and finishing your renovation during a slow period. Limiting your revenue loss. You building a new store, assuring you that your equipment we be delivered and installed on time. So your project stays on target for your projected opening date.
Contact us and we will solve your problems in a time convenient for you