Where Can I Find a Used Commercial Refrigeration Company Near Me?

Prestige Refrigeration is proud to provide all types of refrigeration equipment including used, scratch and dent, refurbished, and new. Whether you run a restaurant, own a supermarket, or have a wholesale operation, you will find anything you need for cooling, preparing, and keeping food products. If you have been looking for a commercial refrigeration company near me, look no further than Philadelphia and Prestige Refrigeration. Our equipment has a wide range of functions and can be used in a wide variety of ways. A commercial refrigerator will preserve perishables and eliminate waste, helping your budget go further. Our equipment is designed to keep food at optimal temperatures while also offering convenient features such as easy-to-maneuver wheels, lighting, and adjustable shelves. Our equipment is further available in a range of horsepower levels as well as compressor types to ensure your kitchen gets just the right amount of power. You can also look forward to features like digital temperature readings and anti-condensate glass for maximum effect.

We Are a Specialist Commercial Refrigeration Repair Company

Whether you run a deli, a restaurant, or a supermarket, you know just how important it is to have reliable commercial refrigeration to store ingredients, prepped foods, leftovers, and frozen foods. Our company offers full walk-in coolers and commercial freezers as well as smaller under-counter units to make sure all your specialist needs are taken care of. Our team has decades of experience with servicing equipment and we know just how vital it is to deliver quickly, get installation right, and specialize in commercial refrigeration repair to ensure your equipment enjoys longevity. What’s more, we carry a broad range of merchandise units to keep your deli salads, sandwiches, meats, cheeses, and other perishable goods fresh while tempting customers into buying them. Contact our specialists when you need your equipment maintaining, repairing, and installing properly.

Your Reliable Refurbished Display Case Commercial Refrigerator Supplier

At Prestige Refrigeration, we work with reputable manufacturers and we also buy refurbished equipment for all your industrial refurbished equipment needs. As a commercial refrigerator supplier, we supply a variety of refrigeration equipment from display cases to industrial equipment. Our goal is to provide high-quality and reliable equipment that keeps your food as fresh as possible to ensure your clients like what they see and buy it to ensure your business continues to grow from success to success. All our products are extremely efficient and user-friendly, and we offer maintenance and repairs services, too.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment for Market Convenience

If you’re looking for commercial refrigeration equipment and sale equipment for your business goals, you’ve come to the right place. It is our goal to bring convenience to your niche market and ensure that your produce remains fresh, enticing, and sellable. Our clients are owners of any type of foodservice establishment that requires reliable, cost-effective refrigeration from a trustworthy company that offers everything from installation to repairs and maintenance in Philadelphia and the throughout the United States. On our market of commercial refrigeration equipment, you can find:

  • Bakery equipment
  • Supermarket refrigeration equipment
  • Retail store equipment
  • Sandwich shop equipment
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment
  • Retail store equipment
  • Bars
  • Convenience store equipment
  • Refrigeration for restaurant stores in Philadelphia
  • Food preparation equipment

Prestige Refrigeration offers a wide range of commercial equipment for bakeries, bars, convenience stores, supermarkets, and a range of other commercial and retail businesses. Call us for your refrigeration needs.

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